Best Practices for Working From Home for Procurement With eAuction+

eAuction+ Platform is the best of price negotiation tool.

eAuctions are usually the way to accelerate the negotiation process between buyers and sellers as it concludes a bidding process providing a dynamic alternative for final negotiations.

Cost Reduction, Profit Increment, and Quality Maintaining by:

  • Use Cloud Based Technology
  • Use Software as a Service
  • Use eAuction
  • Move Business Forward & Create New Competitive Edge

eAuction+ Benefits

cost and time saving

Cost & time Saving

High efficiency of Negotiation process.
Create competitive bidding environment to get the cheapest or highest price (buy/sell), to reduce work time and redundant work (basically less human error), to increase work process tracking transparency, and to have more time to plan for the future procurement strategy.



eAuctions provide a transparent buying environment. As all information about suppliers and their products or services is stored in one online real-time central repository. Transparency extends to the availability of the procedure phases and its outcome to all interested parties, while also reducing the effort that goes into the process. Transparency is considered as an operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency in business implies openness, communication, and accountability.

data analytic

Data Analytic (eAuction Dashboard)

eAuctions are a good way to collect market information and to receive market feedback, because it is mandatory for both suppliers and buyers to be open and fair, and it involves in a great deal of information communication among parties. This valuable information is transformed into dashboards that answer varieties of required perspectives.

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